In 1195 Uttenhofen was mentioned the first time in a document. Nestling in the valley of the Lauterbach , the houses are built on the slopes of the Schönebühl and the ridge of the Worberg.

In the 13th century Uttenhofen was in possession of the lords of Tengen; after a division of their power with the partial power of Tengen-Hinterburg in the second half of the 13th century Uttenhofen was given to Albrecht von Klingenberg. At this division the smaller part of Uttenhofen - the one on the left of the Lauterbach - remained under the Front Authority Tengen (later on Front Austria, then Auersperg). The larger part remained under the authority of Tengen-Hinterburg which was added to the Teutonic commander of the knightly order Mainau. It was then conducted by the senior bailiff of Blumenfeld until it was added to Baden. So Uttenhofen had been divided for almost 600 years.

From 1711 the beautiful baroque chapel had been built. The small room structured building with a choir loft on three sides was consecrated "Jesus, Maria and Josef". In its homogeneity the chapel is a real jewel.
The chapel St Nikolaus existed already in 1428. In the 17th century the chapel had been rebuilt several times; in 1762 it was renewed and converted into baroque style under the power of Mainau.