Beuren am Ried

In the year 965 Beuren am Ried was mentioned the first time in a document. For decades the village had been the terminus of the so called "Randenbahn", a train which lead from Singen to Beuren-Büßlingen.

The structure of the place is characterized by agriculture. The development towards a residential village began after the Second World War. In 1977 a land for building was opened up in the area called "Staudenäcker". The residential building is completed by a large number of local, municipal institutions.

In 1958 the church at the end of the village towards Büßlingen was officially opened. Close to it a new cemetery was built in 1963. For the first time children had their lessons in a new built school including a gymnasium in 1967. The building is still used by the school as well as by organizations.

In 1949 followed the purchase of a residential building, that was converted into the town-hall then. After the closure of the "Randenbahn" the former station square has been taken by businesses for commercial purposes.